Sunday, March 27, 2011

Richard Dean Anderson will always be remembered as MacGyver

In his long acting carrier, Richard Dean Anderson acted in many TV series but none of them became so successful like MacGyver.

Richard also starred in Stargate SG-1 series which was successful. A military sci-fi Stargate SG-1 tells the story of a group of ships from earth who explore the galaxy and defend earth against alien threats. The series became popular in Europe and Australia and received higher ratings at Sci-Fi channel.

In the series, Richard played the role of captain "Jack" O'Neill which was widely appreciated but it was not as popular as MacGyver. People still relates to him the character of MacGyver who uses a swiss army knife, a duct tape and saves himself from numerous life and death situation.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

MacGyver at Geek Squad admits that he can’t use a PC

MacGyver is not shown on TV anymore but there are many people like me who are still in love with the TV series.

MacGyver was a man of science and for this reason, many expect Richard Dean Anderson, the actor who portrayed the character of MacGyver on TV, to know about computers and technology but that is not the case.

Richard Dean Anderson admits that he does not how to use a PC. Same goes for the Steven Seagal of Under Siege fame.

Well, it does not matter if he can use a computer or not because he is still my favorite hero. Besides, when MacGyver was broadcast, Computer was not so widespread in the U.S. back then. So, I think it is ok.

Monday, March 21, 2011

MacGyver: A successful mixture of spy and geek

MacGyver was one of the most popular series in America in the 90s. The best thing about the central character is that it never inspired people to fight or carry guns but use their knowlege.

MacGyver is a spy but he is not like other regular spies like Jason Bourne or James Bond who carry guns and gadget and kill people all the time.Instead, MacGyver uses his knowledge of physics, chemistry. What I like most about him is that he uses everyday products and turns them into something different.

The MacGyver character hates guns because in his young age he had an accident with guns.

When we think of spies or secret agents we think of people who look sharp, who are physically strong and are highly skilled in martial arts and other fighting tactics. On the contrary, when we think of people who are intellectual, the first image that comes to mind is a geek or nerd. This is where MacGyver is successful, it is a successful mixture of two entirely opposing character into one unique character.

Over the years, we have seen so many spy series but none had a character like MacGyver.

MacGyver: My all time favorite TV series

MacGyver was one of the most popular TV series in Bangladesh. It was broadcast in Bangladesh in the early 90s. I was a high school student back then. What I liked most about the show was MacGyver’s unique ways of solving problems in life and death situations.

The show was broadcast every Wednesday and I would not miss it for the world. I remembered that once my mom did not allow me to see it as I had exam the next day.

That night I was so upset that I did not study at all and it affected my exam. I watched almost all the episodes of MacGyver.

Now, after all these years, when I look back and think about that incident, I laugh at myself.